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    The world is full of
    culinary delights:

    In culinary terms, the world has long since become a global place: recipes and dishes are constantly crossing borders, finding new fans and merging with the food cultures of other countries. The universal popularity of Italian cuisine is an excellent example.

    We have set ourselves the task of transforming not only Italian dishes but also specialities from other lands into authentic yet easy-to-prepare products that people can enjoy at home. Our standard is always the original recipe. And we won’t settle for anything less than high-quality, fresh ingredients.

    In the process, we’ve developed a speciality of our own: Minis. They differ from the original versions only in terms of their format – yet often taste even better.

    Street Food Heroes

    Street food and finger food have conquered the gastronomic world. They’re two of the megatrends which will continue to define what urbanites want to enjoy. We helped take them mainstream from an early stage with products like our MiniPizzas, and will continue to so with street food heroes such as Pizza Donuts and Pizza Bagels.

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    Petit Café

    The sweetest moments! Sweet is irresistible – also to us and our product developers. With Petit Café we’ve created a world of tiny charmers which can be enjoyed either by themselves or washed down with a hot beverage during breaks. They’re quick and easy to prepare and also delicious straight from the oven. An example of how finger food can warm your soul!

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    Where our frozen specialities are concerned, we focus on high-flavour, high-quality dishes – while keeping an open mind for inspirations from around the world.

    Without, of course, neglecting our roots: our success was founded on original Italian recipes, and we will continue to pay great attention to them.

    Working for Galileo:

    I like the fact that Galileo, despite being so large, are a firm with a sense of family and take care of staff. We enjoy excellent possibilities for personal development across all areas of the company.
    Julia Schneider

    Working for Galileo:

    At Galileo we always strive to be an idea ahead of the game, and often develop them together. This is the kind of team spirit I like.
    Tom Bauer


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